About Us

Antonella Eleonora Zappa, founder and CEO, started her career developing the wholesale distribution of Valentino and Ungaro in the Italian market.
Travelling a lot abroad, having a degree in Languages and Foreign Modern Literatures she soon moved to the International arena at the time when the American designers were at the top of the visibility. Donna Karan Signature successful project for Europe and Middle East has definitely signed a key step in her career.
After few years she landed at the Gilmar Group for the Int’l development of Iceberg and Ice Jeans. Those were the years when David LaChapelle was doing the photoshoot of the amazing Advertising Campaigns of the brand. But a new challenge was at the door. 4 years later she was following the distribution of Ferre’ bridge collections, joining the Maison Gianfranco Ferrè and having the opportunity to work with the architect of Fashion. Another important piece of the experience puzzle has surely been the role of Global Brand Manager for Versace Sport, which allowed to extend her competencies to a full division, from the collection structure to the marketing strategy. Later the role of Commercial Director of Brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Pierre Balmain, Just Cavalli, Galliano has further strengthened her knowledge of the Int’l markets with a general overview of the contemporary fashion segment.
Mrs Sacha Okoh Viva Boutique - Ghana

“You have been amazing over the years, your passion and drive has been incredible. Thank you so much for all your assistance with my company"

Omar Jebrel Multibrand - Libya

"First time ever I had the chance to know someone who knows exactly her work very professionally"

Vera Lyssiotis Tiffany boutique - Cyprus

I couldn't be happier with your exceptional services as a luxury fashion consultant. Your vast network of global connections and strategic approach to international markets is awe-inspiring. Your guidance has been invaluable, helping me make confident fashion choices. Beyond your professional expertise, I deeply appreciate your charismatic personality and the genuine friendship we share. Your warmth and genuine care for your clients set you apart. Thank you for being not only a fantastic luxury fashion consultant but also an incredible friend. Your impact on my life is immeasurable.

Serena de Negri GGZ- Italy

“Working with Antonella is exciting: a top-level professional who makes her know-how available without reservations. Thanks to his many years of experience she boasts excellent networking. When she embraces a project, she works with passion and determination, fitting perfectly into the company's reality".